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Conference program as of 28 Nov 2010


Thursday, 2 December, 19.30 p.m. in restaurant "Vitus" in Regensburg Old Town, Hinter der Grieb 8: maps


Friday, 3 December
Saturday, 4 December
09.00–09.20 Ingrid Neumann-Holzschuh (Vice-Rector of the University of Regensburg): Welcome address

Björn Hansen: Welcome address
Roland Meyer: Introduction

09.00–10.00 chair: Anna Kibort (Cambridge)

Ian Roberts (Cambridge): Microparameters, macroparameters and markedness
09.20–10.20 chair: Eva Schlachter (Berlin)

Anthony Kroch (Philadelphia): The comparative evolution of word order in English and French: the evidence from parsed corpora

10.00–10.35 Charlotte Galves, Maria Clara Paixão de Sousa, Silvia Regina de Oliveira Cavalcante (Campinas): Topics, Subjects and Grammatical Change: From Classical to Modern European Portuguese
10.20–10.55 Carola Trips (Mannheim), Eric Fuss (Frankfurt): Why different types of subjects can have an effect on agreement marking: a case study on Northern Middle English varieties
Coffee Break
Coffee Break
11.00–11.35 George Walkden (Cambridge): The subject-position alternation in early West Germanic root clauses
11.10–11.45 Silvia Luraghi (Pavia): The extension of unaccusativity in Hittite
11.35–12.10 Rossana di Gennaro (Pisa): Impersonal verbs in Latin: variations in subject detection and expression in the shift from active-stative to transitive syntax
11.45–12.20 Susann Fischer (Hamburg): A diachronic comparative approach of expletives (and the definiteness effect)
12.10–12.45 Pavel Grashchenkov (Moscow): Emergence of Functional Categories through Argument Suppression
Lunch Break
13.45-14.45 chair: Svetlana Petrova (Berlin)

Elly van Gelderen (Tempe): Pro-drop, pronouns, and demonstratives: reanalyzing features in the history of English

14.15–15.15 chair: Sandra Birzer (Regensburg)

David Willis (Cambridge): Negative polarity and the Quantifier Cycle: Comparative diachronic perspectives from European languages
14.45-15.20 Anna Volodina, Helmut Weiss (Frankfurt): Zur Diachronie pronominaler Null-Subjekte im Deutschen
15.15–15.50 Nerea Madariaga (Vitoria-Gasteiz): Dative subjects in control clauses in the history of Russian
15.20-15.55 Henrik Rosenkvist (Lund): Referential null subjects in Old and Modern Germanic – typological observations
Coffee Break
Coffee Break
16.05–16.40 Thórhallur Eythórsson (Reykjavik), Jóhanna Barðdal (Bergen): Reconstructing Grammatical Relations
16.15-16.50 chair: Christine Grillborzer (Regensburg)

Jóhanna Barðdal (Bergen), Carlee Arnet (Davis), Tonya Kim Dewey (Berkeley), Thorhallur Eythorsson (Reykjavik): Verbal semantics and subject case marking in Early Germanic

16.40–17.15 Henrik Rosenkvist (Lund): Conditions for pro-drop – evidence from Övdalian
16.50-17.25 Roland Meyer (Regensburg): The diachronic development of indefinite impersonals in West Slavic
17.15–17.50 Christine Grillborzer (Regensburg): Dative Subjects In Russian Modal Constructions – Synchronic and diachronic account
18.30-19.30 City Tour – starting at the tourist office (Altes Rathaus), ending at the site of the Conference Dinner
19.30 Conference Dinner

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