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Corpus Linguistics and Diachronic Syntax II: Subject Case, Finiteness and Agreement in Slavonic Languages

by admin last modified Sep 27, 2013 07:04 PM

German Research Foundation, 03/2013-02/2016





Since we depend on adequately annotated diachronic corpora, an important sub-goal of the project is to compile research corpora of Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian and Ukrainian. In the first phase of the project we have already compiled the Russian corpus (RRudi) and the Polish corpus (Poldi). Relying on these empirical data, formal and functional factors involved in case assignment and agreement shall be documented.


We aim to describe the Grammaticalization of peripheric subjects and their microtypological differences in Slavonic languages, as well as to make a contribution to the overall linguistic investigation on subject, finiteness, modality and passivization. In the long run, the project also wants to demonstrate how corpus technology can be used to improve diachronic research. 
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